What is a LOGiC Pain & Injury Workshop about?

Back Pain – Herniated Disc – Arthritis – Sciatica – Fibromyalgia – Plantar Fasciitis – Tendonitis…

We all get pain – we all get injured! Back pain, arthritis, sciatica, nerve pain, knee pain, fibromyalgia – just some of the conditions which can strike any of us with pain and make everyday activities difficult.  Did you know that changes in your body tissues are NOT directly related to your symptoms though…hmmm I can hear you thinking “What?  How can that be?”  That’s right – you can have something like a disc herniation without any symptoms… and you can have symptoms without even having a body part…

Confused?  Don’t be!  Curious?  Good!  LOGiC Pain & Injury Workshops help you understand what all this means to you – what your diagnosis means to your lifestyle & guides you through the latest Pain Science and Pain Biology in a way I promise you will understand.

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People who’ve been on a Workshop have come away saying:

“I really learned a lot. This information should be given to everyone.”

“Great course today. Would definitely recommend to anyone with an interest in pain & how to deal with it.”

“Came away much informed & can now understand my body more.”

“You have made me think things are possible.”

Take a look at my Facebook page @logicpaineducation for lots of short videos all about how it works and what you will learn.  Here’s a couple of tasters for you…

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