What is a LOGiC Pain & Injury Workshop about?

We all get pain – we all get injured! Back pain, arthritis, sciatica, nerve pain, knee pain, fibromyalgia – just some of the conditions which can strike any of us with pain and make everyday activities difficult. LOGiC Pain and Injury Workshops are all about learning what to do when this happens, and how to recover faster.

People who’ve been on a Workshop have come away saying:

“I really learned a lot. This information should be given to everyone.”

“Great course today. Would definitely recommend to anyone with an interest in pain & how to deal with it.”

“Came away much informed & can now understand my body more.”

“You have made me think things are possible.”

Take a look at my Facebook page @logicpaineducation for lots of short videos all about how it works and what you will learn.  Here’s a couple of tasters for you…

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Regardless of whatever measures we take to ‘protect’ ourselves – we may stretch, do Pilates, Yoga or some other whole-body discipline; we may take exercise or lead a sedentary lifestyle – either by choice or necessity; we may have a health condition which means we are in pain and unable to take exercise; we may have had surgery or an illness in the past which is now haunting us with symptoms we cannot manage; we may have learned how to ‘lift correctly’, how to ‘align our body correctly’ and follow these guidelines to the best of our ability – and in spite of all these things we still get injured and feel pain! That is reality. That is being human!

The reason we cannot protect ourselves ultimately is simple…because pain (& injuries) are far more complex than we ever thought!

LOGiC Pain & Injury Workshops teach you how to listen to the signals your body is giving you and what to do about them.  When pain and injuries strike we all want to know:

  • Can I still do the things I want to do?
  • How long should I rest for?
  • When can I get back to normal activities?
  • The pain killers I took for a previous injury aren’t working – why?
  • The exercise my neighbour (or Google!) told me would cure me hasn’t worked – why?
  • The method I usually follow when I’m hurt hasn’t worked this time – what should I do now?
  • When should I seek medical advice?
  • Can I mix the pills I want to take with the ones I already take?
  • Why won’t a scan or X-ray help?
  • Can I manage my pain better?
  • Can anyone help me manage my pain or condition better?
  • I’ve been told my joints are degenerating and unstable, what should I do?
  • I’m in too much pain to take exercise – how can I help myself?

Dilemmas and questions like these are explored during the course of the day.  See the What Will I Learn tab for further information.