What is a LOGiC Pain & Injury Workshop about?

Back Pain – Herniated Disc – Arthritis – Sciatica – Fibromyalgia – Plantar Fasciitis – Tendonitis…

Pain is a ridiculously complex thing involving every single system of your body. I see in my clinics every day at REflex Orthopaedic Massage how pain impacts people’s lives – how living with pain shapes their everyday activities, their quality of life, the choices they make about their present day and their future aspirations, hobbies, sport, education, occupation… And I know that understanding a little about pain makes a massive difference to the choices people make when they’re in pain.  These choices can make a difference to their quality of life.

It’s one of my missions to find ways of helping people understand pain & there are lots of ways to do that:  cakes – computers – nightclub bouncers – car alarms!  What have these got to do with pain you might ask! They are all analogies that I use to help people understand enough about pain to make a significant & positive difference to their life.

Confused?  Don’t be!  Curious?  Good!  LOGiC Pain & Injury Workshops help you work out what your symptoms and diagnosis mean to your life – should you be doing …?  Should you be carrying on and taking painkillers? Are you safe to move when it’s really painful? Could you be doing any harm?

Who is the Workshop suitable for?
What Will I Learn?
Who is running the Workshop?
When is the next Workshop?
How do I book and how much does it cost?
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People who’ve been on a Workshop have come away saying:

“I really learned a lot. This information should be given to everyone.”

“Great course today. Would definitely recommend to anyone with an interest in pain & how to deal with it.”

“Came away much informed & can now understand my body more.”

“You have made me think things are possible.”

Take a look at my Facebook page @logicpaineducation for lots of short videos all about how it works and what you will learn.  Here’s a couple of tasters for you…

Not sure if a Pain & Injury Workshop is for you?

What people are saying about LOGiC Pain & Injury Workshops

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