What will I learn?

Pain Science? Biology? Sounds scary…?!?

The Workshop combines the latest findings and developments in Pain Science with my own nearly 15 years’ experience of working with patients with persistent and acute complex musculoskeletal conditions. Not sure how it can help you? Give me 60s and I’ll tell you more… Not sure if a Pain & Injury Workshop is for you?

So that we can learn how to listen to the signals our body gives us and start to interpret them we must know a bit about what creates those signals – if I say we will learn biology it might put some folks off…! So what I say is during the day we explore what pain actually is – how does it happen, what does it mean, why do we get it. What influences our experience of pain – how complex it is and why. You WILL learn about biology but I promise it’s nothing like being at school!  Take 60s to watch this short video for a bit more insight into this fascinating world… Does pain always mean we’ve hurt ourselves?

Then we start to look at activity – why movement is such a big deal – what happens in our body when we move stretch and exercise (there’s that biology again) and how does it benefit us when we are injured or in pain. We explore ways that we can start to understand when enough is enough and when we should do more – learning to listen for and interpret the signals our body gives us every day means we can make the right choices when we get injured and are in pain. Let me tell you a bit more about activity… Active Recovery- what’s that all about?

We talk about seeking advice and medication – how do we know when we are safe to tackle things ourselves and when we should seek medical advice; why some pain killers don’t kill all pain, what’s the difference between anti-inflammatories and analgesics, when you should use them, when you should stop using them and seek advice.

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