Who is the Workshop for?

EVERYONE!!! You may have an injury now or it might be something from the past; you may suffer regularly from pain or someone close to you may struggle with a persistent pain condition and you might want to know how you can help and support them; you may not be injured or in pain but just curious!  Whether you are active or inactive, young or old, injured or fit and healthy this Workshop is suitable for everyone. No prior knowledge or understanding is required – it is my job to ensure everyone leaves having learned lots of beneficial stuff which will last for the rest of their life.

Fancy a Workshop tailored specifically for you?

I can tailor a Workshop to your needs – whether you are a group of curious like-minded individuals or a sports club or team, I can design a Workshop just for you – looking at the particular issues you have and how to best manage them. This could be a full day or half day depending on your needs.  Interested? Lets get talking! Email me and we’ll see what we can sort out.


Do you employ people who are struggling with musculoskeletal problems? Would you like a Workshop tailored to your workforce? I can come to you and deliver a bespoke day aimed at your employees and their specific problems.  You would receive a Report after the Workshop giving recommendations and feedback from the day, guidance and ideas on what you are currently doing well and where you could improve things. Remember it’s often the small changes which make the biggest difference to people’s everyday working lives! Fancy a bespoke Workshop? Email me and lets get the ball rolling towards a happier healthier workforce now!

What can I expect on a public Workshop?

There will be a maximum of 15 people on the Workshop – there will be group activities and discussion; feedback opportunities throughout the day where you can share the discussions you’ve had in your groups; slide presentations and videos to watch.  In all it’s a busy, fun and crucially interactive day – whilst you are under no obligation to share personal details with the group, you will definitely benefit more the more you are willing to participate in group activities!

It is really important to remember that pain is an individual & unique experience –  pain thresholds are unique and this means each of us can experience the same condition in a completely different way. What is tolerable pain to you maybe intolerable to someone else.

If you are coming on the Workshop with particular requirements – something specific you would like to learn about – maybe because of a condition you or someone close to you has, please email me about it and I will do my best to include relevant information for you.

I am a great believer in body wisdom and that each one of us is the expert on ourselves – learning how to read the signals our body gives us is a skill you will cherish for the rest of your life – a LOGiC Pain and Injury Workshop is the first step to learning how to do that! I guarantee you will learn a whole heap of fascinating stuff & wonder how you ever survived without knowing it!

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