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Saturday 22nd June:

Shoulders, Elbows & Wrist Pain & Injury Workshop, 9-11.00 at Westmorland CrossFit, Kendal LA9 7DE.

Whether you’re a Crossfitter struggling with overhead movements, a swimmer with shoulder pain, spend a lot of time at a desk or driving and struggle with elbow and wrist pain – this Workshop has something for everyone.  Upper limb injuries can make life a real battle – how can you work, go to the gym, enjoy life with constant pain? What about staying active when you’re in pain – could you be making things worse? If rest doesn’t help – what then? Should you take painkillers and ignore it? Surgery and injections have been shown to be less effective than previously thought, and no better in some cases than conservative treatments – so what should you do?

This Workshop covers common conditions of the Upper Limb; discusses strategies to manage pain better; explores some of the complex factors involved in pain and gives you the chance to ask questions you’ve always wanted to, including the crucial one:

“Am I safe to move when I am in pain?”

There’s a practical element too with Mary the Physio – she will guide you through a Pilates-based session to help get your shoulders, arms, wrists and hands moving safely, keep them strong and build resilience!  You’ll come away with handouts and a lesson plan to keep. Your brain will be buzzing and you’ll feel fantastic too!  £20 per person, limited tickets & booking is essential. Click this link for tickets.

Saturday 6th July:

Back Pain & Back Care Workshop, 9.30-11.30 – Northallerton Osteopaths, Northallerton DL6 1PJ

This is a 2 hour INTERACTIVE and ACTIVE Workshop held at Hale House, Northallerton Osteopaths, Northallerton, split into 2 parts – the first is the theory & we get your grey cells working – exploring common conditions, finding out what you want to know about your condition and what your symptoms mean – what the future holds for you.  We tackle the fascinating crazy world of pain and what your body REALLY wants you to do when it gives you pain…
Then we have a practical session of movements and exercises to get you moving when your back is painful, and help you maintain the robustness and resilience of your back for the long term. £20 per person, tickets are limited and booking is essential. Click this link for tickets.

For our Cancellation policy please click here.

If you wish to be kept in touch with the Workshop schedule please email me or go to the Contact page for further contact details, and I will put you on the mailing list. Otherwise keep your eye on my Facebook page @logicpaineducation where I will post details of  further 2019 Workshops.

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